London is the capital city of England and the leading global city. Initially, Heathrow the Romans who founded it called it Londinium. This is a city rich in arts, fashion, finance, commerce, and education. Heathrow is the main airport in London thus; it brings many visitors into this city making it the most visited city in the world.

Great Places to Visit in London

London is a great place to have fun and spend a holiday as it has many tourist attraction sites, which include architectural marvels, entertaining attractions, and heritage sites. Here are some famous places you can visit when you visit London.

Westminster Abbey

This ionic site has a long and bloody history. It is in this medieval church where many historical queens, kings and other historical figures such as Elizabeth I, Geoffrey Chaucer- the famous poet, and Queen Mary of Scot were buried. This is the same place where Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011. Crowds flock to this ionic abbey so if you plan to visit, it is best if you arrive early before it flocks.

Bond Street

If you are looking for an informal stroll in London, you should pay a visit to this street. This is the place where Churchill and Roosevelt sat during WWII and gives excellent shopping opportunities in London.

Buckingham Palace

A stop at the home of Windsor family is necessary if you take a trip to London because Britain and royalty is the same thing. During summer, you can view the grand royal rooms to witness how the Queen and King of England live. The gilded moldings and complex carvings indicate the lavishness of the family living quarters of this Royal family. At this particular point, you can view the Royal Ballroom (Throne room) and the history held by these rooms for very many generations of women and lords. You should not miss the most popular show known as the Changing of Guards, which is a fantastic procession where you watch as the old and new guards change positions.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The actual theater where Shakespeare’s legendary plays were showcased burned in 1613. However, in London, this particular theater is a great replica. Shakespeare’s plays have continued to filter through plays, movies, theater, vernacular, and literature even after his death. This theater was reconstructed using the original materials and building techniques and made as authentic as possible. Beware that this building does not have a roof so if a rain shower came through you should be prepared.

Big Ben

The clock (known as Elizabeth’s Tower), great bell is a prominent symbol of the cityscape of London. It is in the palace that the parliament of the United Kingdom is located. However, it is not open for tourists but millions visit every year since it is a perfect photo backdrop.

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